There has never been a more interesting time in human history for religion. Thanks to the creation of the internet and the blossoming of cheaper and comprehensive communication technologies (…amongst other things) we are witnessing varieties of new approaches to spirituality and religion. This is what I personally discovered one […]

Yes the Church of Google exists

Recently I met with the Berlin based storyteller Gemma Hannah. She enlightened me on the role of narrative, the way performance and speech change its shape and reflected on the narratives of life. Gemma’s work spans time and place with stories from different centuries and foreign lands. This knowledge of […]

Polology Podcast – Gemma Hannah

The two last film-festivals I attended screened intriguing documentaries that didn’t seem to follow any previous ideas of a narrative. These films are Untitled (2016) directed by Michael Glawogger and Monika Willi, screened at the Berlin Berlinale and Cameraperson (2016) directed by Kirsten Johnson, screened at Stockfish, Reykjavík, Iceland. Both […]

The Non Sequitur Montage